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English for Preschoolers

We provide young children with a strong foundation to easily master English for beginners at an early age.

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a proud partner of National Geographic Learning

National Geographic Learning

Using National Geographic Learning’s interactive ‘Welcome to Our World’ books, our lessons are packed with interesting and exciting activities including short stories, songs, videos and games that develop vocabulary, phonics, and motor skills.

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English for Preschoolers

10 weeks per term

Provides young children with a strong foundation to easily master English for beginners using the interactive National Geographic Learning materials.

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Teacher teaching students English in class
21st century skills with hands-on activities
Teacher smiling at two preschool students as they study
Support for all kinds of learning styles
Boy looking through binoculars with the sky in the background
Authentic real-world exposure and knowledge

Learning Outcomes

The outcome of this programme is that children will begin to properly read, write and speak simple words. They can easily master English for beginners while they enjoy the learning process.

Stimulating Learning Experience

Teacher holding a globe teaching preschool students raising their hands

Experienced teaching staff

Our experienced teachers come from quality backgrounds with years of experience. We ensure that each and every one of them are certified educators for the sake of delivering the best education to your child.

Teacher using multimedia on TV to teach kids in class

Engaging interactive media

We motivate students to enjoy the learning experience by using engaging interactive media that catches their attention with fascinating and interesting stories from around the world.

Smiling teacher and children in class pointing at camera

Improving literacy through songs

Jolly Phonics teaches children to identify sound in words for reading through exciting actions, stories and phonics songs.

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