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English for Preschoolers

Provides young children with a strong foundation to easily master English for beginners using the interactive National Geographic Learning materials.

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This programme is for children who already know their ABCs and may not have started reading yet as well as children who are already a little familiar with English. Using National Geographic Learning’s interactive ‘Welcome to Our World’ books, our lessons are packed with interesting and exciting activities including short stories, songs, videos and games that develop vocabulary, phonics, and motor skills.

The topics and activities have been chosen on the basis of children’s development from the familiar (self, home, school) to the outside world.

The outcome of this programme is that children will begin to properly read, write and speak simple words. They can easily master English for beginners while they enjoy the learning process.

Jolly Phonics:

Children will learn to identify sounds in words for reading through exciting actions, stories and phonics songs.

Using a systematic phonics programme they learn:

  • letter sounds, letter formation, blending of letters for reading
  • to identify sounds in words for reading and tricky sounds

‘Welcome to Our World’ books:

We use interactive books by National Geographic Learning that develop vocabulary and phonics through stories, songs, games and videos. 

Total Physical Response (TPR):

Activating the five senses while improving motor skills by getting the children to act out the words or actions. This includes games, crafts, activities, songs, rhymes, miming and role-play.

Before enroling, children are advised to take a Placement Test to determine which course is best-suited to their level of English language proficiency.

Why choose our course?

  • Heaps of fun games and activities introduce students into the world of English
  • We capture the imagination of our students using beautiful National Geographic photography
  • Taught by experienced teachers trained in teaching phonics
  • Two-way communication between teachers and students as we encourage our students to speak, read aloud and present

Programme Levels

Below are the available levels for preschoolers:

Junior English 1 & 2

English for Preschoolers

  • Junior English 1 (ages 4-5 years)
  • Junior English 2 (ages 5-6 years)

Children will begin to recognise letters, read, write and speak simple words.

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