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Post-MCO Safety Guidelines

Post-MCO Safety Guidelines Info Page

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We are ready for your return to our centres with the COVID-19 Hygiene and Safety Guidelines firmly in place. Join us today and rest easy knowing that your safety and protection are in good hands when you step into our centres.

Safety Guidelines for All Students for the Prevention of COVID-19

Safety Guidelines for All Visitors for the Prevention of COVID-19

Post-MCO ‘Back to Class’ Protocols

The CEFL Centres Post-MCO COVID-19 Protocols & Guidelines are provided as a guide for all CEFL centres to take precautionary measures to curb the spread of the COVID-19 disease in the community when centres reopen for operation as instructed by relevant government authorities.   

CEFL Centres Post-MCO COVID-19 Protocols & Guidelines in English CEFL Centres Post-MCO COVID-19 Protocols & Guidelines in BM CEFL Centres Post-MCO COVID-19 Protocols & Guidelines in Chinese

Frequently Asked Questions

A: To ensure that our community is safe and healthy, all staff, teachers and students are required to fill in the Health Declaration Form before returning to work and for classes. All individuals entering the centre will be required to fill in the Contact Tracing Form, have their body temperature checked and have their hands sanitised. We also make it compulsory that everyone who enters the centre wears a face mask or face shield. JE & Starters students are required to wear a face mask and face shield as a safety precaution

A: The SOPs are as follows.

Before the opening of centres:

1. Centres will be sanitised and cleaned thoroughly.

On class days:

1. Students are dropped off at the entrance of the centre.

2. Students are permitted entry only if they wear either a face mask or a face shield.

3. The student’s temperature is checked by the centre’s staff and they are allowed to enter if their temperature is below 37.5ºC.

4. The centre records their respective temperature and attendance on the class name list.

5. Students then proceed to sanitise their hands.

6. Parents are not allowed to enter the centre except by appointment.

7. Classroom settings are arranged to comply with social distancing of being one (1) metre apart.

8. Classrooms will be sanitised between classes.

9. All commonly touched surfaces will be sanitised on a regular basis.

10. Students are not permitted to congregate outside their classrooms.

11. Toilet breaks are controlled to avoid overcrowding.

12. Centre will indicate arrow markings on the floor for students’ movement in and out of the centre, as well as 1 metre markings on the floors.

Visitors’ Protocols:

1. The COVID-19 Health and Safety Protocols have been drawn up and made available online.

2. All visitors/parents are required to make an appointment prior to coming to the centre, whether for an enquiry, placement test or making payments.

3. All visitors/parents/delivery personnel who enter the centre’s premises must wear a face shield or mask prior to entering.

4. They are required to scan the displayed QR code and fill out the Contact Tracing Form as per the government’s protocol.

5. They then need to record their respective temperature and use the hand sanitiser provided.

6. If they have to make payments, payWave or online transactions are encouraged.

Note: Should you like to know more about the COVID-19 SOP protocols in detail, you may request the COVID-19 SOP guidelines from the Centre Manager as a reference.

A: As soon as it has come to the attention of the centre staff that one of their students has tested positive for COVID-19 or has been in close contact with someone who is COVID-19 positive, the following procedures will be strictly followed.

1. CEFL HQ must be informed immediately.

2. The Ministry of Health (MOH) and/or Ministry of Education (MOE) will be informed immediately.

3. All contact tracing records related to the respective students will be made readily available to the MOH officers.

4. All parents of students and teachers who came in contact with the affected student will be informed and asked to report to the nearest government health facility and get tested if required.

5. The centre would be shut down immediately and completely sanitised before re-opening.

6. A report will be submitted to CEFL HQ confirming the steps taken.

A: The student must submit a Health Declaration report from a doctor from a certified hospital.

A: The teacher will quickly separate the student from the class and inform the Centre Manager. The student will be isolated from the rest while waiting for the parent(s)/guardian(s). The student’s temperature will be taken and his/her hands will be sanitised before leaving the centre. The area/space that he/she has waited in will be disinfected as well.

A: Yes. All staff, teachers and students must declare their travel history and future travel plans.

A: The safety measures below are to be followed:

Before & after class:

1. Class schedules will be rearranged to avoid overcrowding in the common areas. Kindly wait for the new schedule or advice from the respective CM before the centre reopens.

2. Parents should drop off and pick up students within 15 minutes prior to and after class.

3. Centre will constantly monitor the movement of students especially when they enter/exit classrooms.

4. All students/parents must follow the prevention & safety protocols, and maintain social distancing at all times.

During class:

1. Seating in all classrooms will be rearranged to ensure a minimum of one (1) metre social distance is maintained.

2. Centre staff will monitor and stagger toilet breaks to avoid overcrowding. A staff member will be placed at the entrance to control the number of students entering the washroom.

1. We will do regular disinfection of commonly-touched objects such as door knobs/handles, light switches, handrails, furniture, tables, chairs and whiteboard.

2. Classroom will be disinfected after every class.

3. Disinfectant will be sprayed at common areas such as walkways and toilets at regular intervals.

A: No. All students are required to provide their own face mask/face shield.

A: Please inform your Centre Administrator if your child is allergic to alcohol-based sanitiser. We shall make arrangements to bring him/her to wash his/her hands upon entering the centre, instead of applying/spraying hand sanitiser.

A: It is highly recommended that you take a shower once you get home. Then, wash the clothes you wore earlier.

A: Parents and caregivers are no longer allowed into the centre on class days; only drop off and pick up near the entrance is allowed. They are encouraged to communicate with the Centre Manager via virtual meeting, email, phone call or text messages to minimise unnecessary contact. Otherwise, they should make an appointment to meet the Centre Manager on a non-class day.

A: Yes. However, you need to make an appointment first before you can enter the centre to make the payment. It is highly recommended to use the payWave option or online transfer.

A: Formal notice will be sent to parents at least seven (7) days in advance when classes can resume including which levels can resume based on the directives of the Ministry of Education (MOE). Centre Managers will send information regarding the latest class schedule to parents via phone, email or social media.

A: No, a replacement class will not be provided. Please discuss with the Centre Manager if there are other options available. Parents must not bring their child to the centre if they are displaying any symptoms.

A: E-learning option will still be available for 2 weeks after physical classes resume. Should there be any extension, it will be updated accordingly. However, the options of continuing e-learning or physical classes are at the centre’s discretion. If you wish to have your child continue e-learning, kindly inform your Centre Manager at least 3 days before the actual adjustment and discuss the options available, or what can be done to accommodate your choice.

A: Most CEFL centres will be sharing a new schedule and will contact parents after sorting out the logistic issues.

A: Seating in all classrooms will be rearranged to ensure a minimum of one (1) metre distance between all students. This may or may not affect the number of students in a class, as the capacity and layout of the room varies for all classrooms.

A: This is at centre’s discretion. Kindly inform your Centre Manager if you wish to bring home the materials.

A: Centre Managers will ensure that all teachers and staff are briefed on all protocols and will enforce the mandatory COVID-19 SOP Guidelines.

A: You should contact your respective Centre Manager or contact CEFL HQ at 03-7883 0912.